I’m celebrating my birthday with quilting

Tomorrow is my birthday. Most people have a party or a couple drinks, and while I will probably do the latter in the evening, I’m going to spend most of my day in a quilting class.

One of my local quilt shops is holding a free motion quilting class. I’m a quilt in the ditch or in diagonal lines kind of girl. Anything more complex and I have to do it by hand, which takes forever. So I’m really excited to learn this new technique.

My birthday pass time kind of reminds me of the character Vinnie, in “Cross Country Quilters,” by Jennifer Chiaverini. She always spends the week of her birthday at quilt camp. The only difference is Vinnie is in her 80s, I’m turning 25.

A few of my 20-something quilting friends will also be at the class though, so at least it won’t be like the other classes I’ve attended where I’m the only one younger than 40 in attendance.

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