Making time for personal projects

I’ve been working on a T-shirt quilt for a client. He has several T-shirts from his days in the Navy, a union member and from several presidential elections.

The sashing is an appropriate red, white and blue. I finished sewing it to the top and left sides of the blocks two days before meeting the client so he can decide the layout of the T-shirts.

So I’ve been using my free time to work on a few projects of my own. I learned the big stitch quilting method in a class last fall and finally finished quilting my first block in the hand quilting style. Once I finish the entire quilt, I plan to use it as a wall hanging in my sewing room.

I also decided on a layout for a signature quilt of blocks signed by the guests at my husband and my wedding. They’re made with the colors from our wedding. We’ll have been married for five months on Friday, so it’s about time I start sewing the blocks together. That’s Lady, one of our three dogs “helping” lay out the blocks.

In defense of my procrastination, the best man forgot to sign his block at the wedding and just sent it to us in the mail a few weeks ago.

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