A quilted Christmas tree

I’m heading up the design of a Christmas tree for the Festival of Trees in Davenport, Iowa. The tree is decorated for the Mississippi Valley Quilters Guild and the money raised from the sale of the trees helps funds the arts in the Quad-Cities where I live.

The quilters in the Guild made more than 100 quilted ornaments, most of them in a star patterns. I set the tree up last night to make sure we had enough and let’s just say I had nothing to worry about, I was having trouble finding places for the last ornaments.

One section of the pre-lit tree is out though, which means I have the tedious task of checking each light bulb. I’m not looking forward to that job. But I am looking forward to seeing the tree in all its glory with the paper pieced tree skirt I made sitting beneath it at the Festival of Trees next week.

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  1. Looks great, Stephanie! While our Guild members made lots of ornaments, you put in many hours making the tree skirt, ornaments, and decorating (and soon un-decorating and re-decorating)! We appreciate all of your efforts!


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