Preserving college memories with a T-shirt quilt

I haven’t worn my sorority T-shirts since I graduated from Augustana College in the spring of 2007. While they made up my everyday wardrobe in college, somehow it just didn’t seem appropriate to wear shirts commemorating awesome parties, homecoming and rush in the real world.

So they sat in a storage box under the bed for several years until I decided it was time to turn them into a quilt. Now I can see them every day, remembering great friends and fun memories.

Here’s a little trip down my memory lane in T-shirts:

We weren’t your typical sorority girls. The members of Chi Omega Gamma wore camouflage pants whenever we competed against another group in a challenge. So while the other groups dressed up in fancy clothes for rush, we busted out our camo pants and these T-shirts.

We also were pretty athletic. This was from the year we beat all the other school organizations in intramurals. The school’s mascot was a viking, hence the Nordic Superman.

I used some of the words that were printed on the backs of shirts as sashing. They wouldn’t have made a good stand alone T-shirt, but they’re perfect as strips between other shirts.

This shirt was from the 80th anniversary of the sorority. There is a pocket square that goes with this shirt that I’m going to use as the label on the back of the quilt. I’ve contacted my family within the sorority to sign the square to give it a little extra special meaning.

This shirt is kind of an inside joke that only my sorority sisters will get. But it is from my pledge class T-shirt. Let’s just say that this is what we remembered most from the pledging experience.

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  1. I’m doing the same with my college marching band shirts. Your site has really helped in figuring out how to since this is my first quilt.


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