Christmas fabric exchange reveal, sorta

Way back in 2011 (I know 2012 is only 25 days old, but it seems longer) I participated in a holiday fabric exchange hosted by Quilting Under the Influence.

My quilt still isn’t finished, but the top is pretty much put together, which is saying something for me and my tendency to move from one project to another on a whim, never actually finishing anything unless I have a hard and fast deadline. I think it’s a very specific form of Quilter’s Attention Deficit Disorder.

Well QUTI and our fabric exchange were the subject of a guest post on Quilting Gallery. It was the first time I saw photos of everyone else’s projects and it was really fun to see what everyone created with the same set of 5-inch squares.

Some of the other quilters actually finished their projects. Unlike me who draped an unfinished top over the rocking chair for a photo op. You can read the post and see everyone else’s projects by clicking here.

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    1. Maybe we could do a block exchange. We could pick one block, a color or fabric theme like pink or batiks, and we’d all make as many blocks as there were people in the exchange. Then when we’d exchange them, the challenge could be to come up with a unique setting to make your quilt look different even though it’s made of the same set of blocks.


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