Beginner quilters show off their work

I’ve been teaching a beginner quilting class at CommUniversity, an annual event in the Quad-Cities where local instructors and experts teach month-long courses on everything from religion, to Spanish, to knitting.

I developed a pattern for my course that included the quilting techniques of strip piecing, basic piecing, fusible web applique, free motion quilting and how to apply binding. It was a lot to pack into four, two-hour classes and the students always had homework, but they seemed to enjoy themselves and very proudly displayed their work on the last day of class. The goal was to teach everyone the skills they need to make a larger quilt, but in a small, easy-to-finish project so they would be encouraged to continue.

It was also fun to see how everyone’s fabric choices made the same pattern look completely different once it was done. And if you like the pattern, you can download it for free here.

One student also made me this adorable card with an equally lovely message inside. It makes me want to clean out my sewing room so I can finally make that fabric bulletin board and display it on there.

I really enjoy teaching, and felt like I was as enriched as the students were. I also got yet another spring flowers table runner. Now I have two, one for home and one to display at Neal’s Vacuum and Sewing Center, where I teach this class again in April. But any others I make after that will likely become Christmas presents. So relatives be forewarned, you will reap the bounty of my beginner quilting classes.

Now here’s one more look at all those table runners.


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