Have a question for Elm Creek Quilts author Jennifer Chiaverini?

New York Times best selling author Jennifer Chiaverini will release her 19th Elm Creek Quilts novel, “Sonoma Rose” on Feb. 21. This novel will continue the story line that was introduced in “Quilter’s Homecoming,” and will answer the question of what happened to Lars and Rosa after they fled the  Arboles Valley and Rosa’s abusive husband.

I’m going to interview Chiaverini on Feb. 15, about the book and the future of the Elm Creek Quilts series. If you have questions you’d like me to ask her, post them in the comment section of this blog post by noon on Monday, Feb. 13, or send them to me on Twitter @SSoebbing.

Chiaverini is also going on a book tour through the Midwest and California. She’s not coming to the Quad-Cities on this tour, but I’m considering making a plea of temporary insanity and making the six hour round trip to her Madison, Wis., stop after work. Yes, I really love the Elm Creek Quilts novels. Click on this link to see if she’s coming to a city near you.

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