Naming a sewing machine is no easy matter

I think my sewing machine needs a name.

I’ve come to this conclusion because I recently read a blog post by a friend who confessed that she calls her sewing machine Pirate Wench, and I’ve been reading George R. R. Martin’s “A Song of Ice and Fire,” in which all great swords have names.

But I can’t envision myself calling my sewing machine something along the lines of Ice, Needle or Lightbringer, so I need something that accurately describes my Babylock Quilter’s Choice, without making me feel silly every time I refer to it by name.

At first I thought Lola sounded nice, but then a quick Google search turns up the Kinks song of the same name about a young man having a romantic encounter with a transvestite, and that is not what I want to think about when I sew.

Bella, which my parents suggested as a name for my first dog, was ruined for me in a similar way by a character in James Joyce’s “Ulysses.” That tale was so disgusting I couldn’t even repeat it over the dinner table, I just said that the name was off limits. Sorry Twihards.

In “A Song of Ice and Fire” the great swords’ names always have meaning. Needle is a skinny sword for a girl who prefers combat to sewing. Ice is the sword of the Kings of the North, where it it quite cold. And Lightbringer is made of living fire.

Do you have a name for your sewing machine? If you do, why did you pick it?

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  1. I just wanted to let you know that Moby will be arriving on Friday – although since it won’t be white I’m not sure if I’ll keep the name Moby. I’ll have to wait to see what it looks like.

    Sword are a great place to look for good names!

    1. Here I thought I was strange for naming my first sewing machine. I had an old singer (still do) that was run by my knee and shaped like a mail box. Her name was “Chug” do obvious reasons!

  2. I have a very cheap Singer, my first real sewing machine. It by no means compares to some of the fancier sewing machines, or maybe it’s just user error! 😉 but I think I named my sewing machine, or at least called it a name while I sewed and got bunched stitches, or the string snaps! It’s not a very appropriate name! But so far, I guess it will stick until something amazing happens, and I can come up with something more conversationally appropriate! 🙂

  3. Do you read my blog?? LOL! I have been saying the same thing! My first machine was Jane… wait I think we had that conversation because none of you understood the ‘Jane you ignorant ….’ referance!! LOL!


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