Valentine’s Day placemat tutorial

For Valentine’s Day, I figured I’d resurrect a placemat tutorial that is an oldie but a goodie.

My aunt, also a quilter, got me fabric to make these placemats when I first started quilting. If you look closely at the photo, you’ll see that my binding is applied wrong because I didn’t know the correct way when I made these.

Since that day my quilting has greatly improved and I’ve made dozens of these placemats for different seasons. They’re really simple and go together quickly, so if you don’t have to work today, you could have them whipped up by dinner tonight.

Check out the videos below for a step-by-step tutorial. In the video I’m using Fourth of July fabric, but that just shows that you can modify this pattern for any season. I originally made the videos for my day job as a social media editor and home improvement blogger for a daily newspaper, so that’s why you’ll see a different website featured in the videos. And here is the link to the fabric requirements and cutting instructions.

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