I landed another teaching gig

My class at CommUniversity, lead to another teaching position at Neal’s Vacuum and Sewing Center in Muscatine, Iowa.

It all happened when I brought my machine there for an emergency cleaning. I’m paraphrasing a little, but the conversation went a little like this…

“I know you’re backed up with sewing machines, but how quickly do you think I could get this back because I’m teaching a class and still have to finish the sample?”

“You teach quilting? Would you be interested in teaching here? Our quilting instructor died?”

When I told that story to a 20-something quilting friend, she said that was the exact picture of the stereotypical quilter. And since I love to teach quilting and prove stereotypes wrong, I jumped at the chance to teach on a regular basis.

So I’ve been busy developing classes and preparing samples. If you’re near the Quad-Cities or Muscatine, please check out the Classes page for a complete listing and click here to sign up. But here’s the Cliff Notes version.

Beginner Quilting – Spring Flowers table runner

This class is held over two days on Saturday April 14 and 21. It is for people who have never quilted before and will teach basic piecing, machine applique and free motion quilting. The goal is to teach the students everything they need to know to make a larger quilt, but in an easy to finish project.

T-shirt quilt

This class is so popular I was asked to add a date. The last I heard, there was one opening in the Saturday, May 12 class, and a few openings in the Saturday, May 5 class. It is for quilters of all skill levels and is a great way to find a use for all those T-shirts taking up space in your closet that you don’t wear, but don’t want to throw away for sentimental reasons. I’ll teach you how to cut out the designs, stabilize them so they don’t stretch and piece them into a quilt top.

Quilt As You Go Placemats

This project is great for beginner quilters, because you don’t actually have to be able to sew a 1/4-inch seam or even cut straight for them to turn out right. And it’s good for experienced quilters who need a quick project. What makes it so quick, besides using a pre-cut Jellyroll for fabric, is that when you’re done piecing the top, you’re also done quilting. This class is offered on Saturday, May 19.

Triangle Boot Camp

I just started the sample for this class. I’ll teach a very accurate and easy method of making triangles from squares and no-waste flying geese units. By the end of class you’ll be able to make half square triangles, quarter square triangles, double pinwheels and flying geese units with ease. You’ll also have a cheat sheet for each method with instructions on how to do it and the math formula, which just involves simple addition, to figure out how large to cut your units for other quilts. You can’t sign up for this class yet, but it will be on Saturday, June 2.



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