Sewing room reveal

It took a week-and-a-half, but I finally managed to clean out my sewing room. It could still stand to be de-cluttered a little more, and I still need more storage, but at least I can work in it now and it can be used as a guest bedroom when company stays over.

The green on the walls is a little bit warmer than it looks in the photos. It was a gloomy day when I took these this morning and I had to turn on the overhead light. Normally I only use natural light when I take photos.

But here’s a closer look at the goodies in my sewing room.

An iron station holds my iron, ironing board, spray starch and basting spray on the wall and out of the way when I’m not using it.

A set of stack-able closet organizers from Target holds my neatly folded quilting fabric, yarn and block of the month packets. A set of drawers, not pictures, holds my fat quarters.

My thread on a wall rack keeps it organized and provides a pretty display of colors.

My pride and joy sits on the desk in front of the window. Giving me lots of natural light to sew by.

This rolling cart used to be in the kitchen before we remodeled it. Now it holds my projects on the shelves and my cutting mat fits on top. It works great for trimming, but I need to move to the dining room table if I’m cutting yardage for a new quilt.

The walls are decorated with my quilts. This on my first project that came out right after I finally learned how to sew a quarter-inch seam.

This was my first applique project. It looks OK if you don’t look too closely at it.

A shelf displays my collection of pin cushions, antique notions and a few thimbles.

I also use the shelf to display my antique quilts. These two crib quilts were kits that were cross stitched. I’ve got a thing for quilts with puppies on them.

When the dogs aren’t lounging on the pull-out couch, they’re sleeping on this quilted dog bed. Yes, the dogs have two quilted dogs beds and they love them.

An antique iron serves as a doorstop.

So what do you think? I’ve come a long way since I started cleaning it out. I’ll include one more before photos just in case any of you have disasters in your sewing room and think there’s no hope.

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  1. Looking good! I wish that I could get mine finished in that amount of time…although I’m still saving for my IKEA closet but it’s getting there!

  2. It looks great! I really love those antique cross stitch quilts–but then, I like anything with a kitten on it! LOL I actually have a raggedy Anne and Andy apron that I was cross stitching as a child. I should just finish it up and hang it in my room.

    I really love your quilted dog beds! I need to make some for my cats–there are three that hang out in the craft room regularly. Did you use a certain pattern to put them together? Did you make the cover removable so you can wash it? (I am a relatively new seamstress–all quilts, no zippers, etc…)

  3. the room looks great love the Dragonfly quilt that you made do you have a pattern for it so that maybe somebody else can copy it who isn’t quite as talented


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