I’ve been bad

I promised myself I would not start a new project until I finished some unfinished ones I’m working on.

But yesterday I just couldn’t help myself. I was straightening up and I came across some blue and white fabric scraps my aunt gave me for a snowball quilt I want to make. I’ve got about 10 yards in half-yard cuts of similar fabrics I’ve been collecting for a while.

So I started cutting the scraps up into usable bits and when that was done, I dipped into the yardage.

I’m not totally done cutting the fabric, so I’m going to bribe myself when it comes to finishing that task. I have four quilts that just need to bound in order to be finished. Three of those quilts are already three-quarters of the way done.

So my plan is to reward myself by cutting one yard of fabric for each quilt I finish binding. That means two things: I’m going to finish a lot of quilts this week, and you all are finally going to get to see the final video in the T-shirt quilt series on applying binding.

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  1. Sometimes you just have to start something new. I am on a mission to quilt all of my tops that are sitting in a pile, and then finish the binding and labels. I am really bad with labeling my quilts. I have at least three that need labels, one has been done and given away (to my son) for almost 3 years, without a label. There are so many to choose from I can’t decide which to do next. Good luck with your binding, can’t wait to see the snowball quilt!

  2. I love to start new quilts, and I also love to work on many different projects at the same time. Some of my projects are never-ending, and some are just projects, and never finished. That’s the way it is….

  3. Stephanie, I’m putting together a t-shirt/sweatshirt quilt for my daughter’s shower coming up in July, 2012. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed watching your step x step instructions on how to organize, cut & put together a project such as this. I’m at the point of sandwiching all my components together, unfortunately I have no idea how to finish this project. HELP….Please assist me to finish this project in time for my daughters shower by posting your final video!! Many thanks for such a great & fun educational tutorial. Linda

  4. Hi, I have just discovered your blog comment on Google+ and came along to join in. I understand your need to begin a new project! Sometimes, just looking at those little piles of colours is just too much isn’t it! There’s such a thrill in cutting into it. I find that I always needs to slightly start the next project before I finish the old one! By the way, having just discovered your blog, what is the t shirt quilt project? is it making a quilt with t shir fabric rather than cotton? as I’ve been looking for some help with doing exactly that. Regards, _Suzy


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