Finishing my own quilt on the longarm

I’m quilting my triangle boot camp quilt tonight at Quilting By You in Bettendorf, Iowa. It’s a great place because there are three longarm machines that you learn to use and rent time on.

Before Quilting By You, I always quilted on my home sewing machine, which was OK for crib-sized projects, but is a big pain for anything larger.

So last night I prepped my quilt for the longarm machine. That mostly involves pinning massive zippers to the top and bottom of the backing fabric and the top of the top so it can be loaded onto the machine.

Then I hung the backing and top on skirt hangers to they wouldn’t wrinkle between last night and this evening when I quilt it.

I also stitched a scant quarter-inch around the entire perimeter of the quilt top. Since I have a pieced border, this should help keep the triangles from stretching out when it gets clamped on the machine to keep the top tight.

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