I’m snowed in my sewing room

Blue nine patch snowflake

OK, clearly it isn’t actually snowing in my sewing room, but my blue and white snowball quilt is starting to come together.

I’ve had the snowball blocks done since I started the quilt in the middle of a heat wave last summer. But I’ve been taking my time on the 6-inch nine patches that will alternate with the snowballs since I have to make 84 of them.

That’s not even the most tedious part of the quilt. In my infinite wisdom, I decided it would look AMAZING to have a foot wide border around the entire king-sized quilt made of 2 inch blue and white squares. For those of you keeping score at home, that’s  1,728, 2 inch squares. I’m going to strip piece those to keep from going insane.

This weekend I have nothing on my schedule, which is such a rare occurrence that I’m planning on locking myself in my sewing room, emerging only to go to the bathroom and raid the fridge. I could even sleep in there if I wanted since the sewing room doubles as a guest bedroom with a pull out couch.

My goal is to have the center of the quilt completely pieced by Sunday night. Then I just have to tackle my glutton-for-punishment border and it will be ready to load onto the longarm. Maybe I might actually get to put this quilt on my bed this holiday season.

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