Making snowballs in a heat wave

Last week the temperature was in the 90s all week where I live in the Midwest. It was the kind of week where you’d take two showers a day and still need another if you walked outside to grab the mail.

So I stayed inside, crossed my fingers that the A/C would do its job and made snowballs … quilted snowballs that is.

I got the idea to do a snowball quilt made of blue, white and gray fabric last winter, but really started going on it at the end of June. The cutting for this king-sized quilt went faster than any quilt I’ve ever made, probably because half of the blocks are made from 6 1/2-inch squares of fabric.

I made 85 snowballs last week, which sadly is still less than the lowest temperature reading on the thermometer. Now I just have to make 210 nine patches to alternate with the snowball blocks and make up the border. Yes, I might be insane. No I didn’t think about how much extra work I was creating when I decided to do a 12-inch wide border around a king-size quilt made entirely of 2-inch squares.

I’m just hoping I can have this quilt done in time to remember the heat wave with fondness when I’m snuggling underneath it when the temperature drops below zero one night this winter. You’ve got to love weather in the Midwest.

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  1. This seems like it was a great way to be productive during our crazy heat wave. Good luck with the 210 patches. Hopefully, that is well above our temps!
    Maybe you need to do a sun quilt in the winter to balance it out. 🙂

    1. I have been collecting some very bright batiks and have enough to do a king-sized quilt. I want to call it “Tropical Fruit Smoothie.” Maybe a snowy day would be a good time to start that project. 🙂


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