Snowed in with the Winter Blues

Snowball quilt -

I live in the Midwest, which means a big winter storm has blanketed my town. Appropriately, I was working on my king sized Winter Blues quilt when the storm hit.

I already finished a lap-sized one for practice and the pattern is available on for download.

I’m about halfway done with the quilting. I think I could have been about three-quarters of the way done, but the thread keeps breaking. The thread, needle and bobbin don’t appear to be the issue. I think it may be the batting. I picked up a polyester batting that I’ve never used before because the store was out of my favorite cotton brand in the size I needed.

Let’s just say this may be the first and last time I use polyester.

I’m renting time on a longarm at Quilting By-You, in Bettendorf, Iowa. I love going there because it means I can finish my quilts myself without spending an arm and a leg.

What are you working on while you’re snowed in from winter snow storms crossing the nation?


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