I always worry about my quilting students

How to make a T-shirt Quilt

I just finished teaching a T-shirt quilting class at CommUniversity. The local program offers two-hour classes every Sunday in February. The way the class is set up meant my students got two more hours of instruction and time to do homework between classes.

That meant they actually had finished tops at the end of class and I got a chance to see the quilts come together.

How to make a T-shirt Quilt

The experience was very satisfying because, as a teacher, you don’t always know if your students will be able to overcome difficulties they run into when they get home and you’re not there to help.

There are some who are already very good, or who catch on fast. But it is not unusual to have a student in class who doesn’t even know how to run their machine, let alone sew a consistent and accurate quarter-inch seam. I do my best to explain everything, so they understand why they need to do something. But there’s just no way of knowing how they’re going to do on their own.

How to make a T-shirt Quilt

I had a couple students who fit that description in this class. But the difference is since the students had time to work on their projects in between sessions, I was able to see their progress and know they were going to be OK.

Most of the students got their tops pieced before the last class, and one over achiever even finished hers. She was sewing the binding on during the last class.

How to make a T-shirt Quilt

If you’d like to learn how to make a T-shirt quilt, check out my 10-part video tutorial. You can watch it for free in the tutorial section of the website.

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