5 must have notions from Quilt Festival

One of the best parts about attending the International Quilt Festival in Chicago was the vendors. There were blocks filled with booths of quilt shop and notion makers from around the world…yes, literally the world.

I deliberately left my debit card at home and only took cash so I wouldn’t break the bank. But that doesn’t mean I didn’t window shop to my heart’s content. Here’s a list of my top five notions and products from Quilt Festival.


Fabric Organizers

Maybe it is because I’m cleaning my sewing room out right now, but these babies sure did catch my eye. You can put up to 10 yards of fabric on them without creasing, they fit all standard sized storage bins and book shelves and they turn a mess of a stash into a neatly organized creative paradise. The Fabric Organizers come in three different sizes and have tabs on the back for storing strips as well as yardage.


Block Printing

The art quilts on display at the show have really inspired me to start thinking outside the box when it comes to fabrics. There are so many tools on the market to make the exact, one-of-a-kind fabric you want, eliminating the need to search and search, and ultimately settle for something that just isn’t right. Colouricious, carries a full line of block prints to make your own fabric designs. The blocks are designed by British textile artist Jamie Malden, and created by artisans in India. The results are absolutely beautiful.


Fabric Dyeing

After one failed attempt at dyeing fabrics with cheap craft store dye, I’m ready to get try the real deal. PRO Chemical has handy beginner kits that include everything you need to get started as well as supplies for the more advanced textile artist. I was absolutely in love with the gradation strips in the center photo.


Sewline Glue Pen

Never baste hexis by hand again. Just get the Sewline Glue Pen and you can baste the edges to the back of the template with this handy notion. The glue dries clear, is water soluble and you can still reuse the templates.

Quilt Curio Cabinet - 5 must have notions from the International Quilt Festival www.quiltaddictsanonymous.com

Quilt Curio Cabinet

We make our quilts to be seen and enjoyed, but so many of them end up in a closet when they’re not being used. The Quilt Curio Cabinet gives you a great way to display quilts and make them part of your decor. The Curio model has racks at the top so you can hang or stack quilts. The chest just allows you to stack them. But either way, this is a beautiful way to show off your quilts.

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  1. I am interested in purchasing a quilt curio like the one on your website, could you email me with details, cost and contact phone number and if you ship and cost for that. Thank you


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