Instagram, the great motivator

I started using Instagram with some frequency about the same time I started my maple leaf log cabin quilt. I took a class from Marti Michell when she came to my guild, and used her log cabin construction technique to ┬ácombine two blocks I’ve been itching to make a quilt with for years.

I got four blocks done during class and normally that’s where I’d stop. I think I could fill a drawer full of fat quarters if I had one for every class project I started and never finished.

But I got in the habit of posting pictures of my quilt blocks on Instagram and for each picture I had multiple likes and comments eagerly awaiting the finished quilt. So I kept sewing, taking pictures and obsessively posting them to Instagram.

Last weekend I finished another 12 blocks, making it 52 or 64 blocks. This is the fastest quilt I’ve ever put together and I absolutely owe it to my Instagram followers. I’m hoping to get the final 12 put together this weekend. You can follow me on Instagram to see if I meet my goal.

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