Sewing room to nursery: Empty

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Big changes are happening in the sewing room and the next few weeks will bring on heck of a transformation, but right about now the room just looks empty.

I already wrote about what I did with all my sewing stuff that was crammed in the second bedroom of our home. Every linen closet in the house has my sewing stuff in it now. One has been completely taken over by my fabric and notions, another is half full of finished quilts (I’m running out of space there, but that’s a problem for another day) and the third holds my ironing board and sewing machine case.

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Now that my husband is over the flu, he’s started painting the room to match the crib quilt I designed. The first coast of tinted primer is up, erasing the Earthy green I chose when it was my sewing room. He’s going to finish the painting next week, but right now it just looks a little sad.

The room is empty save a shop vac and some painting supplies. There’s not one item on the wall, and the primed, but not painted walls only add to the emptiness of the formerly full room.

Thankfully it won’t be like this for long. We’re getting new carpet in the next couple weeks, and then my husband’s parents are coming out with a truckload of hand-me-down nursery furniture from my sister- and brother-in-law who are done have kids and saved everything for us. And I do mean everything. I hardly have to buy a thing.

I also now have all the fabric I need for valances and a crib skirt, so I can keep going on my nursery sewing task list to help transform the room from my sewing room to a nursery forĀ  our little one.

Here’s the sewing room to nursery task list, so you can follow along with my progress with just over 16 weeks to go.

Make puppy crib quilt
Sew valances
Sew crib skirt
Make bobby covers to match the nursery decor
Make fabric baskets for the cube shelf I ordered that will double as toy box/book shelf
Paint the nursery
Get new carpet
Finish flipping my husband’s childhood dresser to match the nursery decor
Recover the rocking chair cushion
Set up the nursery

Wish me luck! I’ve gotĀ  a lot of sewing and DIY makeover tasks to do.

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