Virtual Shop Hop: Stitcher’s Crossing, Madison, Wis.

Stitcher's Crossing, Madison, Wisconsin, Virtual Shop Hop,

Today’s Virtual Shop Hop post comes to you from Stitcher’s Crossing in Madison, Wisconsin. On American Patchwork and Quilting’s list of the top 20 quilt shops, this combination quilt and knit shop is a treat to visit.

You name it, Stitcher’s Crossing has it. Variegated thread for finishing your quilt, yep they carry the entire line of King Tut. Patterns and books to inspire your next project? There’s a large two-sided bookshelf to choose one from. Batiks to feed your addiction? There’s a whole wall three shelves high filled with them. Batting by the roll so you can get the exact amount you need for your odd-sized project? Check, plus there’s a roll of black batting for all those dark projects you don’t want white batting poking out of.

Stitcher's Crossing, Madison, Wisconsin, Virtual Shop Hop,

Now onto some of the goodies I’ve only seen at Stitcher’s Crossing. These fun brights were unlike any I’ve encountered on my shop hop travels, except perhaps when I was in Hawaii on my honeymoon before I was writing this blog. It’s so sad I don’t have posts to go with the four quilt shops on three islands I dragged my husband to. Maybe for one of our anniversaries I can recreate the shop hop … I mean honeymoon.

Stitcher's Crossing, Madison, Wisconsin, Virtual Shop Hop,
Boy prints! Now that I have two nephews I am painfully aware of how difficult it is to find prints a boy would love. But I can just see a little guy’s eyes lighting up to find a quilt made out of comic book fabric like this one.

Stitcher's Crossing, Madison, Wisconsin, Virtual Shop Hop,

Yarn, yarn and more yarn! Knitting happens to be my other fiber obsession, and Stitcher’s Crossing has just as good a yarn selection as it does fabric and quilting notions. Basically a store filled with quilting and knitting supplies is my idea of heaven, so when I die, I wouldn’t mind going to Stitcher’s Crossing for a while.

And the best part … Stitcher’s Crossing is open on Sundays! That means my husband is in trouble the next time we travel through Madison on our way to the family cabin in Wisconsin. We might just have to take our lunch/bathroom break at the quilt shop instead of Culver’s.

Stitcher’s Crossing is located at¬†6122 Mineral Point Rd.,¬†Madison, WI. For more information, click here to visit the website. And to see more photos, check out the Quilt Addicts Anonymous Facebook page.

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