10 signs you may be going through sewing machine withdrawal

1. Your sewing machine broke less than an hour ago, but you’re already at the craft store because you have an overwhelming need to organize seven years worth of photos and arrange them into scrapbook albums.

2. You proceed to organize said photos, finish your wedding scrapbook from five years ago, start a baby scrapbook and go through two years worth of scrap booking in one day.

3. You wonder why you didn’t get at least one of your five antique sewing machines serviced so they could do more than just look pretty and drive your husband crazy as decorative elements around the house.

4. An employee of the quilt shop suggests you buy a back-up machine when you admit to signs two and three.

5. You ask your husband to pick up your sewing machine on Wednesday, in the snow, even though you know you have four hours worth of grading after work and won’t have time to sew anyway.

6. Your husband replies to a text message inquiring on if he has picked up the machine with, “Don’t be mad,” because you also gave him the option to go Thursday. He would prefer to go that day and is now fearing your wrath.

7. You spend your nights trolling online fabric stores dreaming up new quilts and nearly blowing a good chunk of cash on fabric you really don’t need to satisfy your quilting desires.

8. You find yourself referring to your sewing machine as “your baby” even though you have three dogs and an actual baby on the way that are more deserving of the title.

9. You instruct your husband to buckle the sewing machine in on the way home from the quilt store … you know because something terrible could happen to the sewing machine in the 40 minute drive back home.

10. You plan to leave the office at 5 p.m. sharp for the first time in weeks so you can get home and start sewing right away.

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