A crib quilt for each day of the week

puppy applique crib quilt

My baby hasn’t even been born yet and already he or she could use their own quilt rack.

Thanks to wonderfully talented family and friends, my baby is definitely going to be spoiled in the handmade department. Here’s a little eye candy for your Thursday as I share the wonderful creations that have been made for my little one.

dog, puppy, baby quilt

My aunt and I have talked before about how the recipients of our quilts often have no idea of the cost or work that goes into the gift. That of course doesn’t apply when she gave me a quilt for the baby at my shower. She searched high and low for dog fabric, which is not in style right now. She fussy cut out all of the dog faces for the square design and backed it with super soft minky fabric. I think the soft backing will make this quilt a favorite for middle of the night feedings.

Plus she gave me all her leftover fabric, which as my cousin noted, is a gift only I would appreciate.

crochet, baby blanket

Next up is my sister, who finished crocheting this blanket at the last minute before my shower. That’s how I know she’s my sister, we’re alike in our procrastination. Her son loves the holes in this crochet pattern. He puts his little fingers through them and holds on when he is sleeping. She made it to match the colors in my nursery.

And on a side note, the jeans she is wearing used to be mine. I keep swearing I’m going to steal them back someday, but that’s probably going to take several hundred miles logged in the jogging stroller.

vintage, baby blanket

At Christmas time my mother-in-law cleared out several of my husband’s keepsakes from his younger years and gave them to us. One of the cherished items is this blanket my husband’s grandmother made for him when he was a baby. His grandmother is no longer with us, so this is a very special gift for the next generation of Soebbings to use.

batik crib quilt

My friend Heather from quilt guild also made me a crib quilt that captures my personality and my husband’s. The front features batik fabrics, a weakness of mine. And the back is Illini fabric and a strip of orange, which my husband will love. He’s a big fan, and says our child is doomed from the start to a life of rooting for the Illini.

illini crib quilt

I also have an assortment of flannel receiving blankets, burp cloths and bibs from my cousin Alisa and friend Theresa. I’m so grateful to have such talented family and friends who are sharing their love of sewing with me and my baby. There certainly will never be a shortage of quilts and blankets in the nursery thanks to them.

Receiving blankets

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