35th anniversary of the rotary cutter

#Olfa35, Olfa, 35th Anniversary

Olfa is celebrating the 35th anniversary of the rotary cutter by making a Anniversary Commemorative Quilt that will be displayed at the International Quilt Market in Houston this October.

I was lucky enough to be asked to contribute a block for the quilt. The only requirements were that the block measure 6 1/2 inches square and included yellow in the design. The rest of the design was up to each quilter.

I can’t imaging quilting without this essential tool. But I especially can’t imagine paper piecing without the rotary cutter. So I designed a block that is an abstract version of the rotary cutter.

The block design contains a whopping 28 pieces. I know, I may have gone a little overboard when designing it. But I think it speaks to the why having a rotary cutter for quilting is so wonderful. After all, would you want to trace 28 templates and then cut each one out with scissors?

I’m offering this design as a free pattern download so you too can celebrate the 35th anniversary of the rotary cutter. If you make the block, the official hashtag for the anniversary celebration is #Olfa35. I’d love to see your finished blocks on Twitter and Instagram.

Just click here or on the photo below to get your free download.

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