Gain confidence with ‘The Quilter’s Palette’

Creative Publishing International, The Quilter's Palette: A Workbook of Color & Pattern Ideas & Effects, Katy Penny,

When I teach quilting classes the biggest problem my students encounter is figuring out which fabrics will look best with their pattern. The difficulties range from picking a palette of busy prints with no neutral fabric, having trouble putting prints together when they don’t come in a neatly packaged fabric line, to just not being confident when it comes to putting fabrics together.

“The Quilter’s Palette: A Workbook of Color & Pattern Ideas & Effects” by Katy Denny can help solve all those problems and more. This book is much more than color theory for quilters. The book addresses combining patterns, texture and prints to create beautiful combinations in your blocks and quilts.

There are six chapters  dedicated to creating pleasing palettes of colors that play nice together and create stunning quilts. There are full color pictures, and multiple block design examples in each color palette from pastels and neutrals, to rich colors and contrasting prints.

Each chapter includes a project to make from the color palette, plus there are 50 block patterns and templates. The patterns are a combination of modern and traditional blocks, and are a great way to see the color palettes on a large scale.

When you’re done reading this book, you will understand how to create fabric and color combinations that make stunning quilts. I’d definitely recommend adding it to your quilting library, and taking it with you the next time you go to the quilt shop to buy fabric for a new project.

Creative Publishing International provided a complimentary copy of “The Quilter’s Palette: A Workbook of Color & Pattern Ideas & Effects” for review.

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