Well … it’ll fit next year

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When I started Little Sister’s Dress a few months ago I planned to make it in the six months size, but I think Angela will be 18 months or maybe even two years old before she fills out the finished garment. And it will definitely be a tunic, not a dress.

It’s the thought that counts right?

Unlike quilting which generally turns out the size you want it to be give or take half and inch or so, in knitting you have to achieve the proper gauge in order for the piece to fit right. The gauge is dependent on quite a few factors, yarn width, needle size the tension you put on the yarn as you knit and probably a few other factors I’m too inexperienced to know about.

knitting, little sister's dress, ravelry,

It is pretty safe to say that my gauge was WAY off by how the Little Sister’s Dress is swimming on Angela at nearly 10 months of age. Add to that her petite size – her pediatrician called her a shrimp – and it’s going to be a while before she wears it.

Size issues aside, the pattern was pretty simple and straightforward, so an advanced beginner could probably tackle it without much difficulty. I did need to learn a simple crochet stitch for the edging, so I can add that to my list of crafts I dabble in.

knitting, little sister's dress, ravelry,

And I love how I was able to find tiny little buttons that match the yarn perfectly. The yarn is Heritage Silk Paints from Cascade Yarns. I’m really happy with the variegated pattern it creates on the knitted fabric.

Any knitters out there? What’s on your needles?

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