Quilting bucket list

As I see all the posts about Quilt Week in Paducah this week, it makes me think about all my quilting bucket list, all the things I want to do and accomplish in my quilting. Here’s my top five:

18 National Quilt Museum

1. Go to the National Quilt Museum during Quilt Week

Paducah during the annual AQS show is pretty much the¬†Mecca for quilters. From what I’ve heard, you need to book your hotel a year in advance or you’ll be staying an hour away and driving into town each day. But the idea of spending a weekend going to a massive quilt show, visiting the museum and spending way too much money in Hancock’s of Paducah just sounds completely awesome.

Blue and white snowball, nine patch quilt www.quiltaddictsanonymous.com

2. Make a quilt for every month of the year for my bed

Right now I have one finished king-size quilt and it has snowflakes on it. But I have several more that I’m working on that would help me reach my goal. There’s the maple leaf log cabin, that just needs to be quilted; two versions of the 2014 BOM, one of which is on the longarm now, the 2015 BOM and my Christmas New York Beauty which is nearly done. Now I just need to get to quilting!


3. Own my own longarm

While I love getting out of the house to spend some time with the owners of Quilting By-You while I quilt, I want to have a longarm of my own someday. I’d love to be able to load up a quilt the second I finish it and start quilting.

Sewing room reno 02

4. Have a sewing studio large enough to fit a longarm…

…and built-in shelving to hold all my fabric and notions … and on an upper level of the house … with plenty of windows and natural light … and a counter top height cutting table … with separate desks for my computer and sewing machine.

Free-motion quilting with feathers, Angela Walters, Craftsy

5. Learn how to quilt free-motion feathers 

One of the most difficult stitches to master, I really want to add feathers to my free motion quilting arsenal. I’ve been practicing and practicing, but I’ve still got a ways to go.

What’s on your quilting bucket list?

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  1. You have got to get to quilt week in Paducah. It is fantastic. I have only missed one year since I started going.

    My bucket list would be 1) have a sewing room. 2) get more than one quilt done a year 3) learn to free motion quilt 4) own a long arm 5) have more time to do quilting


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