Quilting bucket list

As I see all the posts about Quilt Week in Paducah this week, it makes me think about all my quilting bucket list, all the things I want to do and accomplish in my quilting. Here’s my top five:

18 National Quilt Museum

1. Go to the National Quilt Museum during Quilt Week

Paducah during the annual AQS show is pretty much the Mecca for quilters. From what I’ve heard, you need to book your hotel a year in advance or you’ll be staying an hour away and driving into town each day. But the idea of spending a weekend going to a massive quilt show, visiting the museum and spending way too much money in Hancock’s of Paducah just sounds completely awesome.

Blue and white snowball, nine patch quilt www.quiltaddictsanonymous.com

2. Make a quilt for every month of the year for my bed

Right now I have one finished king-size quilt and it has snowflakes on it. But I have several more that I’m working on that would help me reach my goal. There’s the maple leaf log cabin, that just needs to be quilted; two versions of the 2014 BOM, one of which is on the longarm now, the 2015 BOM and my Christmas New York Beauty which is nearly done. Now I just need to get to quilting!


3. Own my own longarm

While I love getting out of the house to spend some time with the owners of Quilting By-You while I quilt, I want to have a longarm of my own someday. I’d love to be able to load up a quilt the second I finish it and start quilting.

Sewing room reno 02

4. Have a sewing studio large enough to fit a longarm…

…and built-in shelving to hold all my fabric and notions … and on an upper level of the house … with plenty of windows and natural light … and a counter top height cutting table … with separate desks for my computer and sewing machine.

Free-motion quilting with feathers, Angela Walters, Craftsy

5. Learn how to quilt free-motion feathers 

One of the most difficult stitches to master, I really want to add feathers to my free motion quilting arsenal. I’ve been practicing and practicing, but I’ve still got a ways to go.

What’s on your quilting bucket list?

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  1. You have got to get to quilt week in Paducah. It is fantastic. I have only missed one year since I started going.

    My bucket list would be 1) have a sewing room. 2) get more than one quilt done a year 3) learn to free motion quilt 4) own a long arm 5) have more time to do quilting


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