Sewing room reno update


There is a small possibility I might meet my goal of shooting the May BOM tutorial in my new sewing studio.

Last night my husband finally finished cutting the trim for the windows and baseboard and putting them up. I say finally, because this has been in progress for weeks. He’s not quite as motivated as I am to get this done. But I had to wait for him because I put a drill through my fingernail about five years ago and haven’t touched a power tool since.


With the trim up and the seams caulked, that means I can get busy. I finished the second coat of paint on the ceiling this morning. Then I got the first coat of paint on the doors during Angela’s nap time. This evening I’ll be back in to start cutting in for the second coat of the teal.

If all goes according to plan, I will be completely done painting by the time the carpet installers come on Friday. Then the room will be complete except for the furniture, which I have, but it is currently unassembled in boxes.


The only wild card is if I will be able to paint the hutch that will double as storage and the backdrop for my video tutorials before it is time to take a break from the reno and film the tutorial. The painting of the hutch won’t actually take that long, but I need to give the paint time to set up nicely so I can get a nice two-color distressed look. And I might not have that down time between coats.

While this space definitely doesn’t qualify as my dream sewing room, I’m really excited to have a space of my own very soon. I also love the personality and flair the room has. It’s a big leap from the Earth tones in the rest of my house. But it should work well for a creative space.

Alright, enough writing. Back to playing with Angela and then some more painting!

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  1. Its really coming along. I love the wall colour and looking forward to seeing the painted hutch


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