Craftsy’s Sewing Studio is perfect for beginners

Sewing Studio

I love taking classes on Craftsy. I’ve gotten to the point where I can usually teach the technique at most of the sewing classes offered near me, so Craftsy is a great resource where I can learn more advanced quilting skills and improve my garment sewing.

I enrolled in Sewing Studio, Fashion, Fitting, Home Decor & More with Diana Rupp to get a refresher on some garment sewing basics. I am 100 percent self-taught when it comes to sewing garments, so I wanted to take a course that would help me with some of the basics I have trouble with.

Rupp assumes you don’t know a thing in this class, which is nice. She guides you through creating an envelope pillow and a simple skirt. She covers everything from presser feet, pulling your bobbin thread up to the top of your machine and preparing your pattern, to more intermediate skills, such as sewing invisible zippers, French seams and slip stitch.

Since a lot of the class was pretty basic, I had it playing in the background while I did other things around the house. When she got to a section I wanted to follow closely, I just stopped what I was doing and watched Rupp demonstrate the technique.

Sewing Studio 03

One section I found very helpful was the one on the waistband. I struggle with this technique every time I create a garment. I just was never quite sure how the zipper played into the process. Rupp uses bias tape as a waistband, which isn’t my preference, but the technique for sewing a waistband around the zipper would be very similar. Her instructions were very clear and the HD video helped this process make sense for the first time for me.

I also appreciated the section on fitting the garment. Rupp makes a toile first, which is a muslin version of the garment used to check and adjust the fit before cutting into the garment fabric. The idea is to get everything right on cheap fabric first and then you’ll get it right the first time when you use the expensive stuff.

Sewing Studio 02

Fitting is one of the biggest issues I have with garment sewing. My body, like most people, doesn’t fit the standard measurements. Most of the time I get everything put together and then never wear the garment because it doesn’t fit right and looks ridiculous. I really like the idea of making a toile first and the fitting adjustments seem very straightforward and easy to make.

The real test will be when I try to make a skirt to fit my belly that is still a little larger than my pre-baby size and definitely doesn’t fit in traditional fabric sizing.

I really enjoyed Sewing Studio, Fashion, Fitting, Home Decor & More with Diana Rupp. It would be a perfect class for a beginner sewer, or someone with more intermediate skills looking for a refresher. Plus it is on sale right now. Click here to check it out.

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