Fuzzy cow

Cow bathrobe

May is a big month for birthdays in my family. There are four kids who have birthdays all within a couple weeks of each other. Granted the fourth was just born last week, but it counts.

All those birthdays mean May has unofficially been dubbed “Sewing for Kids Month” at my house. First up was a series of soft books for Angela. Next is a cow bathrobe for my 2-year-old nephew. The pattern is Burda 9643 and I’ve actually made this pattern before for my niece. It was one of the first garments I ever successfully made, which means I made a few steps much harder than they had to be.

For example, I didn’t have access to a serger, so I sewed French seams … in terrycloth. Talk about bulky and hard to work with. I also used a fusible applique method to sew down the black cow spots around the shoulders, eyes and nostrils. Also a no-no. I should have serged the edges turned under the hem and top stitched.

But difficulties aside, it turned out super-cute, my sister remembered how super-cute it was, and requested I make a second one for her son. Today I cut out the pattern and got it ready to sew. Even though my new sewing studio is mostly complete, I saved that task for the dining room table. Why? Because the dining room has hardwood floors and the sewing studio has carpet.

What does the flooring have to do with cutting a pattern you ask? Everything when you’re working with terrycloth. That stuff creates fuzz that goes EVERYWHERE. I’m covered in it. The table is covered in it. The floor is covered with it. But it is a lot easier to clean up on a hardwood floor than carpet, so my new sewing studio sat unused today. 🙁

I think it might sit unused again tomorrow too. I have my neighbor’s serger (I so want my own someday) and I’m going to serge all the edges before I sew a stitch. That should help control the fuzz and finish off all the edges so I can just concentrate on sewing everything together … in my sewing room.

What are you all working on this month?

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  1. Wonderful project, and so cute! I love that you worked through the problems and came up with solutions that worked beautifully.

  2. I am working on another quilt . It is being done in an ELVIS print and I am basically following your instructions from the T-shirt quilt videos. So far I have made 4 quilts for different members of my family since I first watched your How to make a T- shirt quilt videos.
    Only one of the quilts I have made so far is an actual T-shirt quilt. Thanks again for the great videos !


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