How to do fusible applique

I know how to do hand applique, needle turn, Hawaiian and spray starch method, but using fusible web to do applique by machine is my favorite method by far.

It is fast, accurate and very sturdy. I use it often for kids projects, because it holds up well to lots of washings and if I’m going to spend hours and hours appliqueing a quilt by hand, I don’t want it to get pooped, peed or puked on.

I used it to create my Sock Monkey Crib Quilt, which is one of my most popular patterns. I know it can be hard to find all the fabric to recreate the look, so I got some kits together to go with the pattern and shot a tutorial on how to do fusible applique to go along with it.


This tutorial shows you how to:
– Prepare your template
– Add in additional fabric for the overlap
– Create a window in the fusible web so your finished work is soft and flexible
– Use an applique pressing sheet to assemble your applique before putting it on your background piece
– Secure your fusible applique and finish off the raw edges

You can use the tutorial with any applique pattern, but if you like the Sock Monkey Crib Quilt, click here to purchase the pattern. And click here to purchase the fabric kit of this project.

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Comment (6)

  1. Really enjoyed the tutorial. I would suggest that people use a pair of tweezers so placement of pieces stay where you want them.

  2. Really enjoyed the video. When I do this I place the original picture under the applique sheet and place the pieces on top of it so I know exactly where each piece goes.

  3. I am just starting to learn to quilt. I have been wanting to try the applique process. Great Tutorial! Now I can try to Applique. Thank you for sharing. Jan L.


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