2016 BOM fabric swatch sneak peak

2016 BOM fabric swatches

I’m starting to plan the 2016 BOM quilt pattern. I’ve got a layout planned out and am in the process of selecting fabrics. One of the fabric lines I’m considering is from Majestic Batiks, which makes hand-crafted batiks using Indonesia’s centuries-old method of hand dyeing fabric.

There is a beautiful selection of fabrics available, but these are the swatches above are the ones I’m zoning in on. Without giving too much away, next year’s quilt will be king sized again, but it will be assembled in rows, instead of the medallion quilt style the 2015 and 2014 BOMs are designed in. But that doesn’t mean the rows will be a simple construction. Each block will be a different size and they will fit together to form a two-foot tall row.

The blocks will all be various star designs with the lighter fabrics making up the stars and the dark blue as the background, creating a look of stars twinkling in the sky.

Alright, now it is time for you to give me your feedback. What do you think of the fabric swatches above? Would you be likely to make a quilt from these fabrics? And would you be interested in a kit of these fabrics? Tell me what you think in the comments! I can’t wait to see what you have to say.

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  1. Love the colours and stars are my favourite very interested in the next bom I have yet to start this years but I do have all the fabric and clues printed off so far ready to go.

  2. Love the colours and the idea of stars against a dark sky – useless at points though! But would be interested in a kit

  3. They are wonderful fabrics in a sublime colorway! I usually don’t buy kits or even the sample fabrics from a BOM. I prefer to choose my own colors and the designers color tastes just never seem too match my own. Even when I’ve bought a kit, I’ve always swapped out one or two of the fabrics for something more pleasing to my eye.

  4. Love the colors and especially two of them with a slight hint of purple! I think if the kit is affordable it would be awesome. You have such a creative mind to put things together for us followers, hope there is going to be a sneak peak ( hint hint nudge nudge 🙂 ).

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  5. I absolutely love these colors and would definitely consider a lot using these fabrics. The design sounds “heavenly”!!

  6. Love the colors! I’m a big fan of Batiks so I’m intrigued with the stars in the night look and can’t wait to get going! 🙂

  7. I would likely make a quilt from these fabrics. Love the colors. I probably could not afford a kit large enough to make a king size quilt unless kits were shipped monthly along with the block instructions for that month.

  8. Perfect colors for me. I think I already used some of this line of fabrics for another quilt! Looking forward to the next BOM for 2016

  9. Love the colors but to much blues and greens in one quilt for me. I’m working on this years BOM and have made 2 from 2014 BOM.

  10. Love the color choices! Batiks are my absolute FAVORITE fabric ever! I’m working on this years BOM and love the color combo. Looking forward to next year as well!! Your BOM instructions are the bomb! Great photos, too.

  11. Love the colors. I am working on this years BOM and I am making it in the colors you are using. I love Batiks, so I might just buy a kit, I would need to see the quilt first. Thanks for all you do, I love that I found your site. Kathy

  12. Adore these colors. This is my favorite color grouping and I love to sew with Batiks.
    I just purchased the 2015 Kit and I am about to get started.
    Cannot wait until 2016!!!!!

  13. Love, love love it! I can’t wait to see this quilt and would love to make it. Unfortunately a king size would not be useful for me. Do you think a smaller version will be possible??

    1. Next year’s quilt will be 96″ x 108″, so it could work for a queen with a pillow tuck. You also will have the option to leave off the borders and have it finish 84″ x 96″ for a smaller size.

  14. I love the colors. This is the colors that I have been looking at for a gift for my sister. Now she will have to wait until next year to get the completed quilt. Looking forward to the challenge.

  15. I read some of the other comments and just let me add my name to list of quilters who love the fabric. I have a stash of batiks because they are my favorites, but I would be interested in a kit if it were affordable.

  16. Love the colors!! However, I’m an exception in that I don’t care for batiks. I’m following along with this years and love the pattern, look forward to next years! Thanks for your hard work!

  17. I like the fabrics a lot, but I feel there needs to be more contrast. Perhaps add one fabric somewhat lighter and another dark. I think there is little too much blue-green and would like to see something to add balance.

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  18. LOVE Batiks & LOVE the blues. Yes, yes, yes I would like a kits of these colors. I would love the have the kit soon, to plan on it as soon as possible. U do an AMAZING job on u’ r tutorials and all the patterns u come up with. Thanks, for u’r dedication to quilting & love for it.
    Thanks so much.

  19. I love the colors but I wouldn’t buy/make the quilt unless I could easily change the size. King is just too large!


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  20. I just love the fabrics chosen so far. They are in my favorite colors of blue.. green.. and yellow. I just love batiks and as a male quilter these fabrics are not overtly flowery. I also am a fan of star quilts so this pattern looks to be right up my alley.

  21. I really like the colours (blue is my favourite) and especially when it comes to batik. This colour of blue makes me think of starfish in the sea instead of stars in the sky but I would love to follow along with you this year.

  22. Okay, you said batik, you said star, you said rows with different size blocks, and you showed the most gorgeous fabrics in a color I adore. I think I might already be hooked!

  23. These are the colors that I am redecorating my house with! And stars are my favorite thing to make!!

  24. I love them. I love Batiks….hoping to get some when we are in Indonesia in a couple of months. Looking forward to seeing the blocks and the finished quilt!

  25. I like the shade of blue in these fabrics, but I would like to see how a selection of batiks with this blue and shades of gold/yellows would look as a night sky background. I would participate in the BOM. Thanks for the preview!

  26. My favorite colors and batiks too. Awesome.Tried to subscribe but not working.Probably my internet connection so will try again later

  27. Oh I love these and they match my bedroom and Inhave a King sized bed…cannot wait for this one, please stay with these beautiful Batkins 🙂

  28. Those colors are my faves. They remind me of peacocks which I love also. I can”t wait to see what you come up with for the BOM 2016!

  29. I love these colors. I have collected a lot of fat quarters in this color group (blue and green). Can’t find the pattern that I wanted to make though. Maybe I could use them in your BOM. Thanks.

  30. love what you do and thank you for bom patterns.I am trying to gather fabric for calypso got some of them.I wish I could find a kit for it.

  31. I love those colors and the nation’s. I’ve been working with those colors a lot. I like a little red purple and a little sunshine with them. White in the border makes them jump out. I’ll look forward to seeing what you com up with. Judi

  32. Love batiks and making stars. I would have to get a better idea of these fabrics though because on my monitor 4 of them look almost identical in color.

  33. Great selection of material. I have some similar colours but haven’t used them yet so it will be good to get some inspiration x

  34. Love the colors. They’re my favorites. Would like a little more contrast though. Darker shades or maybe a little purple or darker blue added. Will anxiously be waiting to see the quilt design using them.

  35. Love blues and batik, and like your color choices. I like hunting down mt own fabric so am not a fan of kits but I might follow your color choices, you do have and excellent eye! Your 2015 BOM is the first BOM I have tried. I am using similar colors and love the way it looks.

  36. Stephanie,

    You have really outdone yourself with 2016’s BOM choice! It s absolutely stunning!
    The colors are my favorites. It looks so fresh.


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