Bella and the batting


Years ago a very good friend of mine and I were both working at our local newspaper. In addition to our reporting duties, she wrote a mommy blog and I wrote a dog blog. Whenever either of us had a story to tell that involved poop, it was wickedly popular.

Here’s your warning. If you don’t like poop stories, stop reading now. If you find them hilarious, keep on.

So this same friend and I were at sit-n-sew a couple weeks ago catching up. It had been a while, as we both have moved on to new jobs and we don’t get to share our crazy stories as often anymore. She had gotten a new dog since we last got together, a cute little cuddly puppy named Bella.

Now Bella is a rescue pup. And as a former foster doggy mom, I am all too familiar with the quirks rescue dogs can come with. Bella’s quirk is she likes to eat random objects. Usually it isn’t a big deal.

Until one day when my friend noticed Bella seemed to be taking a long time going to the bathroom. Upon closer inspection, there appeared to be a fuzzy string coming out of Bella’s bottom. So (dog moms we’ve all been there) my friend started to pull, and pull, and pull. The fuzzy string just kept on coming.

All the while my friend is thinking, what in the hell has this little stinker of a dog got into? And then she recognized the soft fluffy material that was coming out of Bella’s bottom like scarves from a magician’s sleeve. Bella had eaten quilt batting, and she was now pulling it out of Bella’s ass.

Eventually the batting did all come out. The dog was fine and, to my friend’s knowledge, the dog hasn’t eaten anymore. But it does make for one really funny story, that my friend gave me full permission to share here with you all. I hope you’re dying of laughter as I was when I first heard it.

Have your dogs ever eaten any of your quilting supplies? One of my cocker spaniels likes to eat my thimbles. I use the leather kind and something about the smell of my sweat in the leather must just make her think it is awesome because I’ve lost at least half-a-dozen to her. Let me know in the comments. We’ll make this the “Shit My Dog Ate: The Quilting Edition.”

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  1. My schnauzer Einstein liked thread spools… Perfect size for him, problem was it was usually one I managed to drop while loading and between the slobber & a few quick bites as he “picked” them up for me, they were toast. His heart was in the right place most of the time though, I’m confined to a wheelchair and he learned that if the picked stuff up that he and Max would get a treat.

  2. Thanks for the laugh !! I don’t have a dog but our kitty will willing ( cough cough) chase after my bobbin and really seems fascinated with iron when it goes just past the board ( she learned that it would hiss), ah those animals are always a riot !!

  3. My dog has been known to eat thread tails and small scraps. He is fascinated with scraps and digs through my waste basket to get them. He has now has a scrap stash almost as big as mine!

  4. Years ago when my husband and I were first married he had a cat from hell. One day I called for my husband to come and see what was wrong with “Spike”. She was scooting across the kitchen floor with something hanging out of her butt. I sure and the heck wasn’t going to see what it was. He picked her up and proceeded to pull a big rubber band out of her. I’m thinking, What the hell is she doing eating a rubber band?!! The cat from hell also like to get into the dirty laundry and pull out my underwear and drag them around the house. This cat was not normal!!!! Needless to say, I wasn’t upset when it finally came her time to go to Kitty Heaven.

  5. Thank you for the laugh that was hysterical. My dogs are odd too. They like spools of thread especially the Sulky that comes on the skinny spool. They don’t give them back either. Thank goodness they never ate the thread. I’m not up to unspooling it thru doggie bottoms. They are toy pomeranians and those spools are the perfect size for them.

  6. Our dog likes riding in the back of my husband’s Suburban. My husband had a long ratchet strap in the back. While in the car waiting for my husband to come back to the car, the dog started chewing on the ratchet strap. Once he started swallowing, automatic reflex made him continue to swallow, because he was unable to chew off a piece. He ingested the entire strap without us knowing it. He started losing weight and quit passing stool. We took him to the veterinary and he had to have a $600 surgery to remove the strap. The amount of strap folded back and forth filled half of a gallon zip lock bag. We are fortunate we took him in when we did as he would have died within that day or the next. We now realize that the dog is like a child. If you don’t want him into things, put them out of reach. Our dog just turned 13 years old in March of 2015. He is a purebred black lab. It is amazing how animals become a member of the family.

  7. I used to have a German Shepherd dog, who loved Kleenex, clean or used. He pilfered whatever Kleenex he could find. Didn’t understand just how many Kleenexes he had eaten until he had trouble getting them out. Yup, had to help by pulling them out. Used to happen on walks as well as in the house. I’m sure the sight of Kleenex being pulled out of a dog’s butt made a few people’s day!!

  8. These stories remind me of my white boxer Rex. He was a big boy and total lover. One day he was doing “the scoot” in my kitchen and would then jump up and try to reach his butt. Boxers have short noses and so he could not reach back there. I stopped him to examine him and saw something sticking out of his anus. So I got a piece of paper towel and grabbed the offending protrusion. He gave a yelp and took off through the doggie door leaving me holding a whole sheet of Bounty towel in my grip. You know Bounty – the quicker picker upper! I guess it cleans doggie colons too. One other time it was butcher string. I wasn’t sewing much when I had him – good thing because I can see him swallowing a whole spool of thread!
    I now have a one year old Papillon and she plays with scraps but leave a them where they belong…on the floor.

  9. I have a six year old Maltese shihtzu named Belle. When she was a puppy I was scooping up the poops in the backyard and noticed one had a glass headed patchwork pin sticking out of it. How that pin went through her tiny system without injuring her (or worse) will always remain a miracle in my mind.

  10. While my teenage son was “watching” the new 8 month old puppy, the puppy found a pin cushion and managed to pull all of the pins out of it (there were lots in there too) and destroy the pin cushion! We had her x-rayed to make sure there weren’t any in her (and there weren’t any) and she was ok. My son was out the $75 for the x-ray though!

  11. I also had a black lab, named Jake. He destroyed 2 couches and my sons girlfriend (at the time) spilled Gatorade on our couch, they cleaned up enough that it didn’t show on the fabric, but, it was still in the cushions. Jake would unzip the zipper and eat the foam! It was a year before our son told us why Jake was unzipping the zipper. That was couch number 3. He also ate part of our TV remote control. We took him to the vet and had his belly ex rayed. Yep, you could see a spring and a double A battery in his belly. The vet said if he didn’t pass it in 48 hours he would need surgery. I took 2 days vacation from work and followed him everywhere. 2 hours before he was due to go into emergency surgery he passed both of them. Our Jake lived 17 wonderful years. 120 pounds of pure love and affection. He is at rainbow bridge now

  12. I had googled “my dog ate quilt batting” and this came up……I loved the stories and think you might get a good laugh at one of mine.
    I had adopted a dog from out local animal shelter. A sweet golden/buff colored poodle mix thing I named Honey. Honey had an “eye problem”. She got a hold of all the stuffed animals in the house and eat their eyes off! The girls at work thought that I was exaggerating, so I brought about 10 stuffed animals in and lined them up against the wall……all blinded by Honey! Most of the eyes were the little black button eyes. If I found them in poop they were far too chewed up to replace, so, I went on line to a doll website and purchased and replaced. Eventually, Honey graduated to larger eyes…..eyes off of dog toys. I wasn’t aware of this until came home one day….and found a huge poop skidmark on the couch. A huge poop skidmark…….with a huge chunk of poop at the end of it……with a huge eyeball staring out of the chunk of poop!! For a moment or two….I stopped breathing…..then I laughed myself silly and tossed all of the dog toys with removable bits!

  13. I had a chihuahua named Pipher. My daughter would let her lay on her lap while eating (she was only like 4 lbs, soaking wet) at the dinner table. We were sitting around the table chatting after eating, and Brenda noticed a hair, which she thought was under Pipher. So, she grabbed the end of it and started pulling. She notice Pipher started squirming, and upon closer inspection she realized that the hair was coming out of Piphers butt. LOL She was totally horrified! We couldn’t figure out how she had eaten it, but we all had a good laugh at Brenda’s reaction.


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