How to cut strips from quilting fabric

Cutting accurately and sewing a consistent quarter-inch seam are the two keys to creating perfect piecing every time. I’ve already covered sewing a quarter-inch seam in my video tutorial showing three different ways to set up your sewing machine to sew a quarter-inch seam. So today’s tutorial is all about cutting accurate strips.

This video is a must watch if you have trouble getting the ruler to stay still when you are cutting, often end up with a bend in your strips at the fold or have difficulties keeping your fingers out of the way of the rotary cutter. I’ll show you:

  • Two different ways to hold the ruler to keep it from shifting while you cut
  • How to line up the ruler with the cut edge and fold of your fabric to avoid having a bend in your strips
  • How to use your pinkie finger to help stabilize the ruler and keep your fingers out of the way of the rotary cutter
  • The definition of WOF

I hope you enjoy this tutorial. Please check out all the other tutorials for more quilting tips and tricks.

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  1. Hi, Stephanie!
    I love your website and really enjoy your tutorials. I’ve been a sewer for 45 years and have only been quilting for about a year or so. I love the precision it requires and enjoy the process. One thing I’ve discovered in the “quilting world” is that fabrics are not necessarily pre-shrunk before using. This is a little bit of a difficult concept for me, because it is so deeply set in my experience that this is something you always do. The quilt I made was made from pre-cut strips, so of course I couldn’t pre-shrink them, and it turned out beautifully, though I’ve not washed it yet.

    I’ve been reviewing the directions and getting ready to start my newly acquired monkey crib quilt kit. I am concerned about pre-treatment, because of the applique. Do you preshrink fabrics or not. If not, I’ll trust you and move forward, but since we’re not finishing the edge beyond the overstitching, I’m concerned about wear. What is your advice for me?

    Thank you so much for the super website, tutorials and patterns.

    1. Amy – I pre-wash just about every piece of fabric I use. The exception is when I use pre-cuts, then I don’t pre-wash anything that goes in the quilt with the idea that hopefully everything will shrink at the same rate once the quilt is washed for the first time. I hope that helps!


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