Quilt show in the bunk room

Bed quilt 01

One’s choice of bedding at quilt retreat is a very important choice. I’m sure there are posh quilt retreats where everyone has their own room in hotel-like fashion. But at my Guild’s retreat, we all share bunk rooms and the quilts that adorn them are on display for everyone to see. It is like a mini quilt show in the bunk room.

It is an opportunity to show off, display your unique quilting style and color coordinate the heck out of your bedding. This is my sixth year coming to retreat and for the most part it is the same group of people every year. Over time you come to recognize who is sleeping where by the quilt they bring with, or the style if they switch it up year after year.

However, most of the quilts I make are either king-sized or lap sized, neither of which work particularly well on a twin-sized bunk bed. So I’ve been bringing a full-sized quilt that was given to my husband and I as a wedding gift with. It is beautiful, but I didn’t make it, and I felt a little bit like an impostor, showing off someone else’s work on my bed. Plus it didn’t exactly match my lilac sheets with a ruffled hem that I’ve had since I was still sleeping in a twin bed.

Bed quilt 02

But this year I made a couple version of my Five-Hour Bed Quilt pattern and brought one whimsical one with to retreat. It needed a label and one corner bound and it would be done. Never mind the fact that the rest of the quilt has been done since summer. I’m not a very fast binder.

Well, needing a quilt for my bed getting this puppy finished up was first on my to-do list after getting to retreat after work last night. So if I accomplish nothing else this weekend, at least I can say I finished a quilt.

I also bought new bedding to go with it. Just plain grey XL twin sheets from Target and a grey blanket, but it goes perfectly with the ombre grey in the quilt. So for the first time in six years, my own quilt is gracing the bed, it is color coordinated with the bedding and I feel like I’ve finally got my quilting ducks in a row. That is until Angela gets old enough to steal this quilt for her bedroom.

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  1. Stephanie, this is very pretty and coordinates well with grey sheets/blanket. Did you get a lot accomplished at the quilting retreat? I am sure you did – certainly the pillows you were hoping to. ~smile~


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