Happy (belated) Halloween!

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Halloween with a child, means I get to go nuts creating a handmade costume. This is probably the last year I get to pick what the costume is, so I went with a scarecrow.

I didn’t really see a pattern I liked so I decided to make one myself. I’m not that skilled in pattern drafting, so I pulled a pair of pants and a hoodie to use as a pattern.

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Here’s how I did it. First I turned the clothes inside out so I could see the seam line clearly. Then I traced around the pants like they were a pattern piece.

image (54)

Once I had the line traced, I used a seam gauge to add the seam allowance. From there I sewed the pattern together like normal. I jut love the results.

Halloween 01

The burlap was a PAIN to work with. But I used stay stitching to help keep the raveling to a minimum when my daughter was wearing the costume. This was the closest we came to standing still for a photo.

Did any of you make Halloween costumes this year?

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  1. You did an outstanding job Stephanie, and when your daughter gets older and sees all the wonderful costumes, clothing, and etc that her made for her, she will feel truly blessed to have you as your mom. My daughter is 34 now, but as she was growing up I made her costumes every year and most of her clothes while she was young, for she had a tiny waist and long legs, and she fondly reminiscences about those items made by her mom. We can’t keep everything piece of clothing we make for them, but I would most definitely keep the costumes.


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