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15 Things I Didn’t Know When I Started Quilting

When I started quilting in 2007, YouTube existed, but not in the capacity it does today. So I taught myself to quilt with a beginner quilting book, grocery store magazines and Love of Quilting on PBS. All those are great, but not a great substitute for in-person learning or in-depth beginner quilting video courses like […]
Learn to Quilt – Promo video (1)

Learn to Quilt! – Completely FREE Beginner Quilting Videos and Pattern – Quilt Addicts Anonymous

Make sure to download the FREE pattern to go with this class and get a 20% OFF coupon in your email you can use on all your supplies. Click here to get the FREE pattern and coupon: We are so excited to rerelease our popular Quilt Addicts Anonymous Beginner Quilting online video course sponsored […]

Spring Flowers table runner pattern

I’ve designed a spring flowers table runner that I’m teaching as part of a beginner quilting class. It’s a quick and easy project for quilters of all skill levels. You can use hand applique for the flowers or fusible web. I used the latter for this table runner. I’m offering the pattern as a free […]