How to Use a Rotary Cutter – FREE Beginner Quilting Videos and Pattern

In quilting, accuracy matters. A quilt is basically a giant geometric puzzle. But thankfully that math is pretty easy, and someone else has done it for you. But there are three skills you need to get down in order for your quilts to turn out right: cutting, sewing a quarter-inch seam and pressing.

Here’s the deal, all quilting pieces are cut so that when you sew a quarter-inch seam, the pieces end up the perfect size to fit together to form the design. In some quilts you really need to be right on or it is going to be a hot mess. In others there is some wiggle room.

Don’t worry, the pattern we are using in this series is one that has plenty of wiggle room.

But cutting pieces to be the exact size indicated in the pattern is the first step in creating quilt that is going to go together easily and look fabulous in the end, and I show you two ways to do it in today’s video.

I will show you how to use a rotary cutter (the thing that looked like a pizza cutter from Video 1), a 6″ x 24″ quilting ruler and a cutting mat. You may also want to use a 6 1/2″ ruler, but that is optional for this project. I show you how to cut using the lines on the ruler and how to cut using the lines on the mat to measure your pieces.

I’ve got lots of tips on how to keep the ruler from slipping, how much pressure you need to put on the rotary cutter and how to speed everything up once you get the hang of cutting with a rotary cutter.

In quilting there usually are a couple of right ways to do anything. So I encourage you to try both ways and see which way works best for you. Then keep doing it that way.

And since we know it can be expensive to start quilting, so we have a special coupon just for our Beginner Quilting students. With this one-time use coupon, you can save 20 percent on everything in the Beginner Quilting category on our website.

That includes all of your notions and in-stock fabric from QT Fabrics, our class sponsor! We also have creates a few quilt kits for the Split Nine Patch pattern and have made digital versions of the quilts so you’ll know you love it before you start sewing.

The coupon will be sent to you via email after you download your FREE pattern to go along with this course. Click here to download your free copy.

Other videos in the series:

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