Quilting with Marti Michell

I took quilting celebrity Marti Michell’s Fat Quarter Log Cabin class last weekend. As I got ready, my husband predicted I would be a bad student, and he was right. I completely blew up the pattern. We were supposed to cut a 3-inch square for the center and then add 1-inch strips until the block […]

Instagram, the great motivator

http://instagram.com/p/ax8csQv4S2/ I started using Instagram with some frequency about the same time I started my maple leaf log cabin quilt. I took a class from Marti Michell when she came to my guild, and used her log cabin construction technique to ┬ácombine two blocks I’ve been itching to make a quilt with for years. I […]

Friday Progress Report: Fabriganza fun

This was the week of not getting much accomplished. I normally get plenty done over the weekend, but I had a bridal shower and bachelorette party in Chicago. I had a great time, but ended up with food poisoning from eating duck testicles. Long story, even longer time spent in the bathroom. Once I finally […]