Modern Log Cabin Quilt Pattern & Tutorial! No more wonky log cabin blocks!

Today’s tutorial is packed with lots of tips and tricks to make a fabulous log cabin that doesn’t get all wonky!

If you’ve ever made one and found that the outside strips just seem to be too long, then you’ll know exactly what I mean about wonky log cabins. With all the seams, it is super easy for your log cabin blocks to get off in size and for the strips to stretch out as you sew and press.

I show you how to have perfect blocks every time by cutting your log cabin strips on the length of fabric instead of the width. The length of fabric has less stretch to it. So when you do that, plus press your seams open instead of to the side, you’ll end up with perfectly sized and square blocks every time with no ends hanging off of your outside strips.

Plus with this method you’ll use up almost every inch of your fat quarter with very minimal scraps left over. So it is a great way to make use of your favorite fabrics.

I also give you a little lesson on color value so you can pick fabrics that will stand out and make your quilt pattern pop the way you intend it to.

The pattern for Maze is in my new book, Fat Quarter Workshop. It is just $14.99 and includes 12 patterns. Single patterns are usually $12 each, so that’s a fabulous deal!

We don’t have the fabric I used in the quilt for sale, but we have highlighted some of our current fat quarter bundles that would work great in this quilt. You need 13 medium or bold value fat quarters for a lap sized quilt featured in the video, 18 for a twin and 25 for a king sized version of Maze.

Supplies we used:
Maze quilt pattern (available in the book Fat Quarter Workshop):
Fat Quarter Bundles:
Stashin’ with Stephanie:

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Music: Stand My Ground (Instrumental Version) – Evelynn Ray from Epidemic Sound.

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