‘Quilting the New Classics’ connects contemporary, modern

Quilting the New Classics, Michelle Muska, modern quilting, contemporary quilting

“Quilting the New Classics” is a collection of patterns from big name designers featuring a traditional and modern interpretation of 10 quilt blocks. With 20 quilt designs in all, the patterns, designed specifically for this book, connect the rich traditions of quilting with the modern look many quilters are trending toward today.

Featuring some of the most recognizable patterns – double wedding ring, crazy quilt, Dresden plate, bear paw, log cabin, nine patch, hexagon, yo-yo, flying geese and rail fence – the book offers side-by-side comparisons of traditional patterns and modern interpretations of the classic designs. The book connects our quilting heritage with modern trends with each pattern.

Some of the more striking contrasts in the book are the double wedding ring. The traditional pattern is scrappy with pink centers as you would expect. But the modern pattern features a chevron print for the center and solid fabrics for the rings. The bear paw too offers significant contrast, with the traditional featuring red and brown fabrics that would look perfect in a cabin in the woods, while the modern evokes the image of a mother bear and her cubs in a gender neutral crib quilt.

Author Michelle Muska, chose quilt pattern designers to create projects for this book based on their ability to design in the given style, while appreciating the traditional roots or modern interpretations. No matter what your personal quilting preference, the designs in “Quilting the New Classics” can inspire and teach as you move forward in your quilting journey.

One aspect I appreciated in the book was a paragraph from each designer about the inspiration behind each quilt. All the quilts we make tell a story, and I enjoyed reading the tales behind these quilts from the women who created them.

Each of the 20 designs comes with a pattern, easy-to-follow instructions and templates, so you can recreate your own or use the design as a starting point to inspire your own quilts.

Sterling Publishing is hosting a giveaway for this book. To enter for a chance to win, leave a comment below with your preferred quilting style and favorite block pattern. Good luck!

Sterling Publishing provided a copy of “Quilting the New¬†Classics” for review. Opinions are my own.

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Comment (32)

  1. I’m not sure I have a favorite quilting style – I think I love them all – and it depends who/what the quilt is for. I love traditional quilts as well as modern contemporary, I do prefer pieced over appliqued . I absolutely love the bear paw block pattern. I’ve been itching to make a quilt or two using the block.

  2. I love using the new modern prints/fabrics in the classic quilt patterns, just seems the best of both worlds. Keeping the traditions alive with fresh new bold look.

  3. My favorite is the traditional / vintage quilt designs, with a modern flare. On my to do list is the Double Wedding Ring and Dresden plate. My favorite block is the Rolling Stone. Thank you for the opportunity to win a great book.

  4. I really love the careful accuracy of my walking foot. Recently, I have been trying new ways to quilt using it. I have made a lovely quilt with long gently curving lines of quilting that I was very proud of. On my next quilt, I want to try straight lines that radiate outward all from a single point. Experimenting (carefully) is fun.

  5. I’m fairly new to quilting, not sure what my style is yet
    I have made about a dozen quilts. I would have to say that I am
    more of a traditional quilter. Not ready to try applique yet.
    I am going to tackle the November quilt block–my son is asking for
    a BIG quilt to cover his 6 feet body. thanks for the free downloads!

  6. I prefer traditional quilt patterns and blocks, but in an updated way. I think a huge part of making a quilt look fresh is in the fabrics you choose, and I love the modern, colorful fabrics! I love a star block of any kind, and I am a sucker for pinwheels!

  7. I am a beginning quilter and have only looked at the different blocks. I have made a churn dash block, and I like it. I am quilting with my domestic sewing machine. I think I am a combination of both traditional and modern quilting; I like the patterns and the traditional blocks, but I also like the “out-of-the-box” quilts, like bargello. I know I will be trying the applique at some point.

  8. I am a traditional quilter but I have plans to try some more modern quilts in the future. I love to make half square triangles because so many different designs can be done with them. For a quick block tho I like the log cabin. They are the reason I stared quilting because I liked them so much.

  9. I have just begun exploring all kinds of quilts and would love to have a copy of this book. It’s amazing how many different types of quilts there are!

  10. I enjoy talking quilts and using modern touches to update the looks. My grandchildren especially live the looks I’ve made for them.

  11. I love anything and everything quilting. Though I have always been a traditional quilter, I have grown to love the modern quilts. I love the modern fabrics and how they give a traditional pattern a fresh new look. This would be a great book for anyone like me who has a love of modern quilting.

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  12. I quilted with my mother and grandmother many years ago and since I am now retired, I have started quilting again. My favorite quilts are the old traditional quilts. However, I have discovered the Long-Arm and love it. My husband’s cousin gave me some Sunflower Sue squares that she and her mother had done years ago, so when she celebrated her 90th birthday I gave her the finished quilt. She was so surprised!

  13. I am deifanely a vintage guy. Love the anything that will give a vintage flare. I sometimes like to have mostly vintage and a few modern depending on the type of quilt I’m making.

  14. Sock Monkey Quilt! I still have mine from the 1950″s! I have to say, at the moment, that paper piecing is my favorite. You can do both traditional and contemporary quilts this way.

  15. I am always drawn to vintage quilts, but I also love quilts using batik fabrics, and scrap quilts ‘using up’ my fabric stash. So many quilts, so little time!!!

  16. I really prefer handquilting. Right now I’m working on an I-Spy quilt done in a tumbler pattern. I hope my granddaughter loves it.

  17. I love quilting and have made over 100 quilts. My preference now is doing modern quilts with solids – chevrons and the like.

    I made several baby quilts for my new grandaughter (14 months). I made a baby Bargello for her using a 7 1/2″ block pattern from Bargello Quilts with a Twist. Love the simplicity of a block instead of all the strips lining up in the old patterns.

    I made two Boston Commons quilts and a Trip around the World. I love the Block of the Month with Quilt Addicts Anonymous and can’t wait to make the November block. I machine stipple, echo by machine and have done the “pepples” in quilting. The book you are offering seems awesome.

  18. I don’t really have a favorite store.. I love traditional but also love to twist the traditional patterns into modern designs. The creation process is so much fun to see what I can come up with then I ask for input from friends and tweak them even more. I just love coming up with new things!

  19. I love sampler quilts – a little bit of everything, and never a dull moment. My first quilt was Georgia Bonesteel’s Lap Quilting sampler,and I loved it. I thought I would hate hand quilting, but am addicted now! I love the quilt as you go technique. My goal is to make a double wedding ring like my grandmother did. I made myself learn applique, but it is not my passion.

  20. I am still very much a beginner finishing my first sampler quilt.
    I like the aesthetics of modern quilts, they have such a clean, fresh look and I’d like to make one as soon as possible.

  21. i love the patchwork, scrappy quilts but at the same time the more contemporary styles peak my interest.bi just love the bear claw and want to make a quilt using fall colors with this block for our cabin that is all done in knotty pine.

  22. Both styles of quilting patterns are fun and interesting. It’s the fabric that makes the difference, in my opinion. When I started quilting in earnest a couple years ago, I was totally in love with batiks. Now I find myself using all kinds of fabrics, and I’m amazed at the different looks that can be achieved using the various types of fabrics.


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