Tutorial: Make a pillowcase with French seams

When I first learned how to make pillowcases I used a one-sheet handout with black and white photos. It was very difficult to understand, especially the part about rolling the fabric up. So I’ve created this video tutorial for you to learn how to use this technique to make pillowcases from your favorite novelty fabric, […]

March Block of the Month

I hope you all got your February blocks done! I was working on mine until 10 p.m. last night. I finished just in time. This month is much easier. We’re putting together the center medallion with some tips and tricks on how to get those points to match up just so. But the main part […]

January Block of the Month

Welcome to 2014! Here’s your first pattern for the Quilt Addicts Anonymous Block of the Month. This month we’re making the center four blocks. They form a secondary pattern that makes a beautiful center medallion to start this quilt off with. Follow the video tutorial above for tips and tricks on how to put the […]

How to make double pinwheels from squares

It’s time for another post in the Triangle Boot Camp series. This week you’ll learn how to make double pinwheels from squares. That’s right, there’s no sewing on a stretch bias, not cutting triangles, just perfect piecing every time. Using this method will give you two double pinwheels that are a mirror image of each […]

How to make quarter square triangles from squares

Piecing triangles can be a nightmare. Sewing on the bias can stretch out the seam, warping the block, getting the points all out of whack and giving you a block that doesn’t lie flat or piece together properly. That’s why I developed a Triangle Boot Camp class, teaching methods where all the triangles are made […]

I always worry about my quilting students

I just finished teaching a T-shirt quilting class at CommUniversity. The local program offers two-hour classes every Sunday in February. The way the class is set up meant my students got two more hours of instruction and time to do homework between classes. That meant they actually had finished tops at the end of class […]

T-shirt quilt tutorial: Binding

Here are the final videos in the How to Make a T-shirt Quilt series. The first video focuses on preparing the binding and sewing it to the top of your quilt with a sewing machine. The second shows you how to stitch the binding to the back of the quilt by hand using an invisible […]

T-shirt quilt tutorial – Sewing the sashing part 2

Supplies: Sashing strips and sashing with cornerstones attached. (See how to cut and sew the sashing in the previous post.) T-shirt quilt blocks with fusible interfacing attached to the wrong side of the fabric Sewing machine Iron Applique pressing sheet Previous posts: Fabric requirements Cutting the T-shirts Attaching fusible interfacing Sewing the sashing – Part […]