January Block of the Month

Welcome to 2014! Here’s your first pattern for the Quilt Addicts Anonymous Block of the Month. This month we’re making the center four blocks. They form a secondary pattern that makes a beautiful center medallion to start this quilt off with.

Follow the video tutorial above for tips and tricks on how to put the block together, keep all your points where they belong and get a block that turns out nice and square.

The suggested colors are just that, suggestions. I’m making the quilt in two colorways so you can see how your individual fabric and color choices make the pattern look completely different.

You can get cutting instructions, and a free printable worksheet with written instructions and layout diagrams to follow along with the video. Just click on the link or photo below to download it from Craftsy.

Once you’re done with your blocks, upload a photo and a link to your blog using the tools below and show off how your color and fabric choices bring the quilt to life.

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  1. I cannot wait to get started on my quilt! Awesome tutorial. You look great by the way, can’t wait to meet that little future quilter 😉

  2. Completed the first of the four blks today and should have remembered to watch the video first. It would have saved me lots of ripping out and questions. I noticed on the instructions you forgot to note that blks need to be squared up to 3.5″ which I didn’t do but thought I should have (next time I’ll go with my gut and square up to have less problems). Also instructions didn’t say what the final blk size would be but I did read on the page with the fabric requirements that you noted the blks would be either 6″ or 12″ completed. I enjoyed doing this blk and will get the other three done this week. I posted my completed blk above for you to see the colors I’m going with even though I’m not sure if I’ll have enough in my stash to complete the entire quilt so may end up add additional colors along the way.

  3. Have done three of the four January blocks, looking forward to February 🙂
    I obviously messed up with uploading a photo but at least it shows the colours.

  4. I also am working with fabrics I had on hand. I have a lot of darker shades so decided to go with them. I may end up swapping colours around as we go to balance it out. Looking very forward to watching this quilt grow on my des8gn wall.
    Your video is really helpful also. I have always sewed, but just gotten into quilting the past year or so. I have seen alot of BOM quilts but most want you to buy their fabrics or patterns to participate. Hats off to you for this very generous free offer!


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