T-shirt quilt tutorial – Sewing the sashing part 2


Sashing strips and sashing with cornerstones attached. (See how to cut and sew the sashing in the previous post.)

T-shirt quilt blocks with fusible interfacing attached to the wrong side of the fabric

Sewing machine


Applique pressing sheet

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Fabric requirements

Cutting the T-shirts

Attaching fusible interfacing

Sewing the sashing – Part 1

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  1. I’m sorry to keep asking these questions but I am a total beginner! I have cut my sashing..on the fold and it appears from the video that that cut makes TWO pieces of sashing after I cut them in half along the fold, right? THEN I’ve cut the sashing 3″ x width of fabric…but that piece is far longer than my sashing….I assume I trim it??? I see from the video that it overhangs the sashing which creates the actual cornerstone but I can’t find how much?? Thanks for being patient!! Everything makes sense until I do the actual cutting :/


    1. You cut a piece of sashing that is 12.5″ by WOF and a cornerstone strip that is 3″ by WOF. Sew the sashing to the cornerstone strip along the WOF. You will now have a strip that is 15″ by WOF. Cross-cut that into your sashing and cornerstone strips that measure 3″ by 15″. Sometimes one WOF will be slightly larger than the other and that’s OK, but you shouldn’t have a big difference in width. If you do, then something has gone wrong.


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