Virtual shop hop: Susan’s Calico Creations

Don’t let a traditional term like “calico” in the quilt shop name scare you modern quilters away from from Susan’s Calico Creations at 1108 4th St., Fulton, Ill. The shop carries more than 5,000 bolts of fabric in just about every style from the historical reproduction prints to contemporary batiks and Asian prints.

The trademark of this shop is that almost all the bolts are organized in cribs for customers to peruse.

There are cribs filled with a massive collection of fall and Christmas fabrics with plenty of inspiring store samples made from the fabrics hung above.

There are a couple of cribs filled with Asian prints.

Even more cribs filled are with a respectable collection of Civil War and 1930 reproduction prints.

And as you might expect in a store filled with cribs, there is an ample supply of fabric for children.

There’s even a crib devoted to fabric for men.

But the section I drool over the most whenever I visit Susan’s Calico Creations is the wall of batiks. Yes, and entire wall of the beautiful individually dyed fabrics. I just can’t get enough of them.

Susan’s Calico Creations also has a great rewards program for repeat customers. They offer a punch card and when it’s full, you get $25 off your next purchase. Mine is almost full. I’ll probably redeem it to get a black batik to bring together the pattern I’ve decided will best show off my massive collection of them. More on that in another post.

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