A sneak peak at ‘The Wedding Quilt’

Judging by the expressions of jealousy and shared excited on my Facebook profile when I announced that I got my hands on an advance copy of Jennifer Chiaverini’s new book “The Wedding Quilt” I’m guessing you all are going to be pretty interested to read my review of the book.

I’m halfway through and I’m loving the plot line which follows Elm Creek Quilts founder Sarah McClure as she prepares for her daughter’s wedding. You may be asking yourself, “Didn’t Sarah just give birth to twins? How are they old enough to get married?”

Well the book is set in 2028. While Chiaverini is no stranger to telling stories throughout time as she delves into the history of the fictional Pennsylvania town, Elm Creek Quilters and multiple generations of the Bergstrom family, this is the first time she’s written a book without the benefits of current affairs or historical events to ground her characters.

Besides a few references to the technology that supposedly will be commonplace in 17 years (does anyone really believe that tomorrow’s brilliant minds won’t come up with anything better than a tablet to replace the computer), a reference to the minimal lasting cultural impact of “The Office,” and a hopeful rumination on what my generation should be doing to save the environment, the book could be set in present time.

I won’t say any more until I finish the book, which at the rate I’m going will probably be tomorrow. I can’t put it down. In the meantime, go check out Chiaverini’s multiple novels. My favorites are “The Aloha Quilt,” “The Lost Quilter,” “The Christmas Quilt,” “The Cross Country Quilters” and the book that started it all “The Quilter’s Apprentice.”

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