Virtual shop hop: Glad Creations, Inc., Minneapolis, Minn.

The first time I saw a quilt was when my freshman year roommate was stitching the binding on hers by hand one of the first nights we spent in the all girls dorm at Augustana College. I don’t remember much about the quilt except that it was bright, modern and I couldn’t believe that someone my age had made it, even if her mother did help.

But that quilt, and the image of a young person working on it, stuck in my mind. So when I graduated from college and suddenly had hours or free time that had been taken up by homework, internships and maintaining one hell of a social life, I figured I’d learn how to quilt. It wasn’t long before I was completely addicted.

Earlier this month I visited my roommate in her hometown of Bloomington, Minn., a suburb of the Twin Cities. I’d never been to her home, so she asked if there was anything I wanted to do. I told her that we could do whatever she wanted, but I really wanted to go to the quilt shop her mom considered to be the best one in the Twin Cities.

Well her mom works at Glad Creations, Inc., in Minneapolis. (Holy stash, if I had her gig I’d spend every penny I made and then some on fabric.) So naturally, a trip to Glad Creations was arranged and let me tell you, if you need it, Glad has it. There is a massive collection of Civil War reproduction prints, as well as 1930s reproduction fabrics.

There’s a whole wall of batiks, I bought a few half-yard cuts since they are my kryptonite. But more important than a wide variety of fun prints is a large collection of neutral batiks, which are often overlooked when building your batik stash. I always make a point to purchase a neutral batik every time I pick up a vibrant dyed fabric.

Glad Creations also has an entire line of original patterns. There are sample quilts to go with each pattern hung next to the pattern display. That way you can get a good look at the quilt before you add the pattern to your stash. My roommate’s mom used one of the patterns to make a quilt for my husband and I when we got married and I picked one up to use with my collection of batiks.

There also is a wonderful collection of children’s prints. I’m loving that owls are popular again by the way.

And to make Glad Creations even more charming, it is located in an old neighborhood in Minneapolis. It is surround by houses and a cute little bakery/eatery that we grabbed lunch at before the shopping trip. The shop itself is in a converted house. The first floor is dedicated to fabric and the second floor is dedicated for classroom space.  While we were there, a class was learning how to make the LeMoyne star block.

If you find yourself in the Twin Cities, I definitely recommend stopping by Glad Creations, Inc., 3400 Bloomington Ave., Minneapolis, MN.


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