Virtual Shop Hop: Neal’s Vacuum & Sewing Center, Muscatine, Iowa

Quilt shop names often contain some clever word play. The ones featured so far in the Virtual Shop Hop series fit the bill. There’s Quiltology, A Quilting Bee, Quilting Divas and Quilter’s Heaven to name a few.

But Neal’s Vacuum & Sewing Center in Muscatine, Iowa, is straight to the point. You know what you’ll find from the name alone. You can purchase a vacuum to keep your house clean and a sewing machine to help you fill it up again with stray threads. But you also can find just about every sewing notion you can think of, a wall filled with every fiber and color of thread for every purpose and, of course, fabric.

There’s a wall filled with a rainbow of bolts.

Newer fabric lines are kept together. Don’t you think this sewing novelty fabric would make a great pillowcase for a quilting retreat?

And if you’ve ever had trouble finding a print for a child’s quilt, then look no further than Neal’s. In the back of the shop you’ll find shelves filled with everything from pastel prints, to nursery panels, to bright prints for older kids.

For those of you who like color in your quilts, or are like me and are just captivated by batiks even if you haven’t quite figured out what to do with them, there is an impressive collection at Neal’s.

And since it Neal’s is a “sewing center” and not just a dedicated quilt shop, you can find other goodies as well like Dupioni Silk and super-soft fabric that would make an cuddly back for a baby quilt.

So the next time you find yourself in eastern Iowa, stop by Neal’s Vacuum & Sewing Center, 309 E. 2nd St., Muscatine, Iowa.

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  1. Do you carry a product called ‘stiff stuff’. It is used like a batting or interfacing. Works great for wall hangings.
    Thanks, Kathryn


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