Organizing the underwear drawer so I can sew

I let my sewing room become a disaster zone again. That in turn lead to the sewing supplies taking over the dining room table because I couldn’t actually quilt in the sewing room. And that lead to the living room going to hell because why keep it clean when it looks like a quilt store vomited on the dining room table? Pretty soon the whole house is a mess, because Lord knows the private areas of the home are always messier than the public ones.

So I finally started cleaning and taking control last weekend. First I had to clean my bedroom and reorganize my closet and dresser. What does my underwear drawer have to do with the mess in my sewing room you ask? Everything.

I had an entire drawer devoted to every bra I’ve owned since college, only three of which fit. Britney Spears wasn’t lying when she claimed the girls keep growing as you get older. The same story was repeated throughout my entire wardrobe and the clothes that wouldn’t fit in my bedroom ended up in the sewing room. A couple hours and a massive donation to Goodwill later, my bedroom was clean and organized and I was ready to tackle the sewing room.

Once the floor was cleared of laundry, my husband helped me rearrange the room, haul an entertainment center up from the basement to house my DVD collection that was stacked in the corner, and by the end of the night I was able to quilt in the sewing room for the first time in months. In the photo above, you can see my assistants, Sophia and Lady. If you want to see what the sewing room looked like before I rearranged it, click here.

It still looks like a quilt shop exploded in my dining room, but that project, along with cleaning out the closet in the sewing room, is on next weekend’s agenda.

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  1. Well, of COURSE you had to start with the underwear drawer! I am SO VERY GLAD to learn that I am not the only one who operates like this! Every bit of what you wrote makes such sense to me, but my sisters both think I’m crazy. You and I could be twins, separated at birth! Thank you for the lifestyle confirmation, and the laughs! I enjoy following your blog! Have a great day sewing in that beautiful, clean, organized sewing room.


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