Maple Leaf Log Cabin quilt pattern available for download


I’ve loved this quilt since the moment I started it. And judging from all the Facebook likes, retweets and hearts on Instagram, you all do too.

Now you can make your own maple leaf log cabin quilt with my pattern. The pattern includes instructions on how to make half square triangles from squares, which means all those leave points will end up where they are supposed to. And it teaches you how to cut on the lengthwise grain to create log cabin strips that don’t stretch.

My favorite part of the pattern is constructing the blocks in sets of four. For me, that was a great motivator, because I could work on the quilt for a couple of hours and see real progress each time.

The pattern is fat quarter-friendly and includes instructions for a table topper, lap quilt, queen and king-sized quilt. So you can make four blocks, call it a day and have a beautiful table topper for your dining room table, or you can keep going until you have a quilt so large no amount of cover stealing will leave you chilly on a cool fall night. Just click here to download it.

Enjoy the pattern and please share your quilt photos with me on the Facebook page. I’d love to see your variations.

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  1. This is such a beautiful quilt you had made. Thank you for sharing this pattern on Craftsy it’s on my bucket list to do.

  2. I am trying to download the pattern for Maple Leaf Log Cabin Quilt

    Can you send me a link. It is asking me computer to upgrade to all kinds of software.


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